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When James E. Love's father crossed the plains in a covered wagon back in the 1800's to ultimately settle on a piece of farmland near what is now the small community of Garfield, in south-eastern Washington, he brought with him a sack of dried peas he had secured from Germany.

Those peas, planted in the rich soil of the region, formed the basis of a profitable farming venture, but even more importantly, eventually led to the establishment of one of Washington's most stable industries: the J. E. Love Company, manufacturers of specialized farm equipment.

The birth of the firm came about in 1932 when James Love, who had inherited his father's farm, became dismayed at the quantity of peas left in the fields with the advent of combines. To solve this problem, he designed and built a cutter bar. It not only worked efficiently but it brought a demand from other farmers for the equipment. Soon Love was busy spending virtually all his time making cutter bars, first for dried peas and later for green peas. He took on a partner, Horace D. Hume, and the firm of Hume-Love Company was formed.



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