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Forest Engineering Institute of Canada 1992



Nursery Seeding::SP1200 Intermittent Tree Planter

S12600 Seeder

The Model SP 1200 is an intermittent furrow type of tree planter designed to replant forest lands with minimum surface and ecological impact. This intermittent planter is capable of planting containerized seedlings, bare root seedlings, or hardwood cuttings ( such as popular).

The simple design and low capital cost of this unit provides the means of quickly and economically replanting an area with only moderate preparation required. The electro/hydraulic control system allows a number of automatic or manual operations to be implemented depending on planting conditions and desired results.

Planting Sequence:

The SP 1200 Planting cycle can best be demonstrated in five sequential steps. The operator loads the planting arm with the seedling stock. Then activates the planting cycle by tripping a foot operated switch. The machine automatically plants the tree and returns the planting arm to the load position. Elapsed time for the planting cycle can be adjusted to less than two seconds.

S12600 Seeder

Step 1:

Machine is in load position. The operator places the stock in the receptacle on the planting arm. The unit is carried by the carrier wheels in this mode. The planting arm and A-frame are horizontal.


S12600 Seeder

Step 2:

With the seedling stock in place. The operator initiates the cycle by depressing the foot switch. The A frame lowers the planting arm to the height for the predetermined depth. The ground contact shoe tells the machine when the proper height is reached.


S12600 Seeder

Step 3:

The planting cycle continues by rotating the planting arm into the "plant position". The stock is released as the packer wheels close the cavity around the root system of the stock.


S12600 Seeder

Step 4:

The planting arm is elevated out of the soil while maintaining a vertical position. Note the position of the A Frame. Since the machine is moving forward the arm easily clears the planted tree stock. The packer wheels continue to close the ground firmly around the newly planted stock.


S12600 Seeder

Step 5:

The final step in the cycle rotates the planting arm into the horizontal load position while simultaneously transferring the weight from the packer wheels to the carrier wheels. The machine is now ready for reloading the planter arm.



 Weight: 2500 lbs.        Overall Height: 75 Inches.         Width: 63 inches         Length: 86 Inches       

 Ground Clearance: 18 inches

 Carrier Wheels: (2) 6.7 x 15 tires

 Cycle Time: 2 - 10 seconds

 Planting Rate:  Instantaneous maximum - 1200 trees/hour

 Operation:  Electro/hydraulic controls with auto/manual cycle

 Packing Wheels:  18" diameter - automatic weight transfer during planting cycle

 Hitch:  3 point, catagory II

 Pulling Unit: (2) 150 hp tractor

 Manpower:  (1) planter operator and (1) tractor operator

 Hydraulic:  24 gpm minimum @ 2800 psi using pto driven pump or tractor system



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