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Tips for a Successful Harvest:

1. Set the pick-up reel center approximately 6" ahead of the sickle on the cutterbar.

2. Set the pick-up reel just low enough to keep the cutterbar clean, no lower.

3. Run the reel fast enough to insure an even flow of crop in the combine. Too slow a reel speed results in shatter at the sickle and too high a reel speed results in threshing by the reel.

4. Keep your sickle sharp; a dull sickle increases shatter and stripping losses.

5. Harvest your crop as soon as possible after moisture content has reached an acceptable level.

6. Make sure your combine or swather is equipped with LoveReel.

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Designed for today's high capacity combines.

The J.E. Love Company has been making combine and swather pick-up reels since 1931. Years of experience has led to the development of the J-21. The J-21 incorporates an assortment of features that make it the utmost in pick-up reels.

Strong and Smooth Eccentric: 5 or 6 industrial ball bearing rollers, rolling around an eccentric drum, provide the smoothest eccentric design available. Eccentrics are designed on both ends. This strength feature is standard on the LOVEREEL.

Positive Tine Pitch Control: Adjustment of tine pitch is easy and positive with only one bolt at each end.

Sturdy Outboard Fingers: The LOVEREEL's exclusive outboard finger assemblies utilize the same tine as the rest of the reel; no special right and left-hand tines needed.

Sectional Batshafts: The LOVEREEL Batshaft Assembly is composed of sectional batshafts. Each sectional batshaft is constructed with a 1-1/4" diameter steel tube extending the entire length of the sectional batshaft. The teardrop shaped envelope is welded to the steel tube and tines are securely fastened to the envelope.

Crank Arm Journals: Strong, replaceable crank arm journals are located at each end of the batshaft assembly. These journals have increased wear surface and provide positive smooth pick up action.

Center Journals: Long wearing, replaceable center journals join the sectional batshaft assembly. This design ensures long life to the LOVEREEL as well as the ease of supplying replacement components.

Composite Batshaft Bearings: Large wear surface composite bearings designed to provide smooth operations as well as ease of replacement are located with the replaceable crank arm and center journals.

Tine Options: The LoveReel is available with tine options to accommodate different crops as well as crop conditions and operator preferences. Wire tines are available in the following lengths. 4" (W4), 6" (W6), and 8" (W8). An 8" composite tine (N) is also available.

The LOVEREEL Delivers:

More Bushels in the Bulk Tank: Regular type reel bats enter the crop with a flat surface, breaking stems and shattering grain heads, producing a smaller bushel harvest per acre. The LOVEREEL's bats always enter the crop vertically, virtually eliminating crop shatter loss. The result is more bushels in the bulk tank.

Fast Set Up: Component pre-assembly and overall design make setup of the J-21 very quick and easy, greatly reducing setup expenses.

Experience: J.E. Love Company, pioneer designer of the pick-up reel, have been making LOVEREELs for combines and swathers since 1931. The J-21 is not just another pretty pick-up reel, rather it is the product of many years of experience and design.





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