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Agicultural Products::Chisel Chopper

Chisel Chopper

Built tough for more years in the field. Available in working widths of 13', 15', 17' and 20'.

MAINFRAME: Our rugged four-bar frame is constructed with 4"x6" steel tubing. This design offers better placement of the shank for more trash clearance. The Calkins Chisel Chopper can save time, fuel and money. Use our Chisel Chopper as a minimum tillage tool in preparing your seed beds for big yields. For primary conservation tillage, the Chisel Chopper eliminates several other field operations and results in less ground compaction. The Chisel Chopper mixes surface residue into the soil to speed decomposition and opens up the ground for better water absorbtion while reducing wind and water erosion of valuable top soil.

WHEEL LEGS ASSEMBLY: Walking beams have replaceable spindles, heavy-duty 8-bolt hubs, tapered bearings on walking beam pivot, and wheels. Tandem walking wheels also support more weight and add stability in road transport position.

TONGUE: 4"x8" steel tubing tongue members are mounted over the frame for maximum trash clearance.

Chisel Chopper FRONT ATTACHMENT: 20" coulters on 12" spacing or paddle gangs can be put on the front attachment. The front attachment will hydraulic in or out as needed for field conditions. The front attachment is spring-loaded for easy adjustment to any soil condition.

SHANKS: 1-1/4"x2"x32" spring cushion shank assembly is standard equipment. Four rows of shanks placed on 12"-centers give maximum trash clearance while working the ground completely. Three optional shank assemblies are available: 1-1/4"x26" stiff shank
1-1/4"x32" stiff shank
1-1/4"x26" spring cushion

PADDLES: 30" Paddle section. These sections are placed on 30" gangs or 60" gangs. Every paddle section has two heavy-duty sealed bearings; these bearings are relubeable. The paddle blade is self-sharpening and made of high carbon steel.

REAR PADDLES: 5-blade and 6-blade chopper sections are mouinted on each 60" paddle gang assembly. This reduces vibration, provides smooth cutting action and increases cutting pressure on the cutting blade. The spring-loaded chopper sections are adjustable to suit soil conditions.





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